Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Zoe went to her first Halloween party today with my mom's group. She seemed to have fun seeing the other kids in costume (especially the boys in their scary ones), getting candy(had her first lollipop today!), and playing. She even won first place in the girl's costume contest (thanks to Joelle for sharing her costume with us!). Daddy came too and we all had a good time! After nap we also went Trick or Treating and Zoe caught on quickly to the concept. Though, I think for a while she'll be figuring that we can go and get candy at our neighbors houses anytime we want!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 5th haircut!

We are already on Zoe's 5th haircut! It is surprising if you remember how little hair she had for the longest time. Most kids her age haven't even had one hair cut yet. Zoe sits like a statue, the stylist was so amazed! This new place we found has race car and airplane seats and flat screen tvs with cartoons at every station! Even has a indoor play area with slides and toys - So crazy! All I care is that Zoe gets a good haircut - and she does - she even got her picture taken for their wall cuz she is so cute!


We got Zoe a fish today. She even picked it out! Currently she is more interested in the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium (keeps talking about eating them - no idea why), but she does like to check on the fish every now and then. I thought it would be a cool special thing just for her before the new baby comes (and will also double as a night light and white noise). Hopefully she won't work her way up to a puppy or pony any time soon (though not sure if Dadddy could say No to her!).

Design on a dime...

Here is Zoe's new "big girl" room, mostly complete. Lots of used/old furniture and recycled items from her other room. Thank goodness for paint and fabric! It was fun to put together...since we didn't have to put together another nursery. Next time we redecorate though, it will all be in Zoe's true taste. I can't wait to find out what that will look like!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rock and Roll and Rubber Duckies!

Keith let me sleep in this morning (yay!) and when I woke up this is what I found in the bathroom. Good thing Daddy is not in charge of haircuts!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Heirlooms

I love it when people make things for my children! Grandmothers have made blankets for the girls, aunts have made sweaters, cousins have made hats, and friends have even made dolls! It is so nice to have something that someone took the time to make especially for someone they love. It is one of the sweetest gestures I can think of. Thank you to all the people who have made such beautiful things for my daughters - they will be cherished for generations! (I know this because I still have things that people had made for me when I was a baby!) The cute sweater in this picture was made by Zoe's Aunt Margaret...:)

(and PS - this is the FIRST picture EVER that I think I might see a little bit of me in Zoe's face- finally!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Fun

We went to the local plantation for some fall fun activities today. Zoe went on a hay ride, sat in a real fire truck, pet some goats, jumped in a moon bounce, and even rode on a pony (I was very torn about taking advantage of the ponies like that, but she was really excited to do it so I couldn't say no! I'll discuss animal exploitation with her when she is a little older, maybe 2 years old! :). But I think Zoe's favorite thing of the whole night was watching the other kids run around and have fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just like Momma

Since Zoe is so young, we haven't really tried explaining to her about the new baby, but we have started mentioning it in passing lately. We talk about the baby's room, the baby's crib, and the baby in Momma's tummy. If you ask her where Momma's baby is she will point to my stomach and says "shhhh" (implying that the baby is sleeping). Today I put her baby doll in her shirt and jokingly said something to the effect that she is now like Momma with a baby in her belly. She kept that doll in her shirt all afternoon and would even come to me for help if it fell out! She was so proud of herself! So funny... (if you look closely you can see the baby doll feet hanging out of her shirt!)

Getting Ready

Keith put together the new baby's crib yesterday (thank you to Papa and Gramma!) and as you can see by the background of the picture, we are still working on getting the nursery together. Zoe has been in her new room for about a month now and seems to understand that her old room is now the "Baby's Room". I have been sorting baby toys, organizing diapers by size, folding blankets and swimming in baby clothes up to my ears these past few days. I have begun "nesting" big time and have a "TO DO BEFORE THE BABY COMES" list that keeps getting revised and lengthened ~ and Keith is so excited about that:)! I hope we are ready because I think she is coming sooner than we think!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Last of the Only Child

Lately it has really been hitting me that Zoe will not be an only child anymore. It makes me sad. She will no longer be the only sparkle of my day or the only love of my life - she will have to share those roles with her sister. I was an only child for four years and I think it had a lot to do with who I am today. I was able to be the one and only only one to my parents and grandparents for a good portion of my early childhood. I felt very special because of all of that. When my brother came, you would think all of that would have changed, but I never felt second best or that I had to fight for attention (thanks Mom and Dad!). So that is what gives me hope that Zoe will always feel that she IS the love of my life AND the sparkle of my everyday! Thank you Zoe for bringing such love into my life!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Tea Party

Four generations of Tea Party Girls!
The diaper "cake" Gramma and Mommy made for the centerpiece.

Family heirloom tea cups!

Gramma and Zoe hosted a Baby Brunch Tea Party for the new baby today. It was so nice! We used my great grandmother's tea cups and crystal and had lots of yummy food. Zoe got dressed up in her new shoes and her best tutu for the occasion. The best part though, was spending time with old and new friends! Zoe and Gramma made a great hostess team and made sure everyone was well fed and had a good time. It was a truly lovely afternoon and I am so thankful to Gramma for doing it for us! (and a special thanks to Daddy and Papa for helping so much with all the behind the scenes work!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Papa is here! For Good this time!

Papa John has officially moved to Wilmington to be with his beloved Zoe Pearl! And Zoe is sooooo happy about that! As soon as she wakes up in the morning she says, "Papa..." and wants to go see him right away. As soon as we pull in the driveway she is asking for him again. She runs right by us when she enters a room and goes directly to Papa! He is always more than happy to stop whatever he is doing and play with his "Pearly Poo". Gotta love a love like that! Thanks Papa for being such a wonderful grandfather to our Zoe!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Best Daddy Ever!

We all know that Keith is a good Daddy. This is not news to us. But what I love to hear is when other people notice this. We were out this afternoon running errands and getting pizza (and Zoe had no nap today!). In both places Daddy took it upon himself to engage and entertain Zoe the entire time. He often does this when we are all out and it definitely helps keep our busy toddler distracted and allows me to get things done. I see Moms and Grandmas everywhere point him out and amongst themselves talk about what a good Daddy he is. This evening, someone actually came up to him and told him as much! She said she wished Dads were more like him back when she had children. I know a few Dads that are like him these days, but they are definitely few and far between. I hope these girls (our current and future one) always realize what a great Daddy they have!

Jam Session

Daddy and Zoe love to jam on his guitar. Usually he sticks to U2 songs, but lately he has thrown in a few Barney tunes for an instant crowd pleaser. Recently she has begun singing with him. Sometimes they just improvise and make up their own songs as seen here. This is the soon to be famous, "Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!!".

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Agawam Reunion

One of my best friends from high school (actually all the way back to middle school!) came to visit with her baby this weekend. It was so great! And it was especially good for Zoe to get used to having another baby around. She had some baby company in the back seat, baby company during meal times, and baby company during play time - most of which she has never had before! She loved the company, but was not too keen on the having to share part - especially the having to share attention from Daddy! I guess we'll have to work on that soon! I love seeing the babies of people I love! It is the sweetest thing seeing friends you have known forever being Mommies (and great ones at that!). We even got lucky enough to get a surprise visit from another good friend of ours from high school one night! Here's to good friends and may Zoe be blessed with many throughout her life!

Zoe shares the love with Charlie!

Pumpkin Patch '09!

Mommy and Daddy took Zoe to the same pumpkin patch that we did last year and picked out some pumpkins. Zoe was really good at saying "pumpkin patch", too! The family pic looks a lot different this year cuz Zoe is so much bigger (and so is Mommy - we are due in a month with baby number two!)
This is big girl Zoe at exactly 19 months!

This is baby Zoe last year at exactly 7 months!