Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas on Ice

Feeding the very friendly ducks at Broadway on the Beach
The biggest christmas tree EVER!

Three generations of happy girls!

Zoe and the Lion (and her cute little special outfit-she was so excited to wear tights!)
Gramma took me and Zoe to see Christmas on Ice at Myrtle Beach and it was so fun! We started out with some hot chocolate and a walk to see the ducks and get our wiggles out before the show. Once inside, Zoe was in awe with the people, the pretty decorations and the excitement. When the show started,she was very nervous because we were only three rows back, but she got into it once Santa came out. She loved the dancing, singing, and ice skating and thought the jester in between acts was hilarious (she kept asking when the "funny man" was coming back)! Afterwards we went to lunch at Planet Hollywood because Zoe was fascinated that the building was an actual globe shape! She fell right alseep from all the excitement on the way home. It was so wonderful to have such a memorable experience with my mom and daughter. I can't wait to make it a yearly event! This is what happy childhood memories are made of!
****Please note: this is an offical apology to my sweet hubby who's birthday was the day of our all day outing without him. He knows why and was such a good sport about it. He will do anything it takes to make his babies happy - that's why we love him!

Mommy's Little Angel/Devil

I am the first to admit that Fiona was an easy baby. And so far, a good early toddler too - most of the time. There definitely are days, though, when I feel the strong urge to jump out the stinkin' window. The other day was one of them. Fiona single handedly destroyed every shred of patience I had, even my extra secret stash. The morning was OK, other than the fact she dumped my coffee all over me (don't worry, it wasn't hot because I never get to sit down long enough to drink my coffee when it is actually hot). She didn't take an afternoon nap because she had a late morning nap (I won't even get into the crazy trip to the grocery store that caused the late nap) and that is when the oh-so-fun action took place. She was running around the house getting into absolutely everything she could reach. She tried to put her finger in every socket, eat every crumb on the floor, drink the dog water, pull the cats tail, and figured out how to get out the front door. Not to mention the above pictures which were just too much for words. Some of you may wonder how all this could happen if I actually watched my child, and trust me I do. She is never out of my sight for more than a few seconds, but that afternoon I was trying to multi-task way too much and she was not having it. So that is why, sometimes, just sometimes, mommy really needs a hole to climb in (because that is a way better option than the window idea I spoke of earlier).

Princess Fiona

Fiona is definitely a girly girl! She loves wearing jewelry, headbands and carrying purses. It's not like she's modeling after Zoe or myself, she just started doing it on her own. It is so adorable - she will find anything to carry or wear!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nursing my Puppy - I mean, My Baby

I am still nursing Fiona. With Zoe I had to stop at ten months, so nursing at this age is a whole different ballgame. First of all, Fiona doesn't just lay there all cuddly like you see in some pictures. She is all over the place, going from side to side, forward and sideways, and every which way. She also has started panting loudly when she want to nurse. Yes, I said panting. Like a dog. I have no idea in the world why she would do that! I have been calling it "nummies" since she was born, and just assumed that was what she would call it. I cannot stress enough how I have NO IDEA why she does what she does. It is kind of embarrasing yet kind of funny at the same time. We don't really nurse in public much's just harder for me when she is all over the place like that, so I doubt anyone will notice her "requests", but it makes me laugh. I'm not sure how long I will nurse her, my goal was one year, the World Health Organization says at least two years. She's eating all solid foods now, so it only happens a few times a day around sleeping times anyway, so I guess I'll let her figure out the details. Hopefully she's done before she can actually tell me why she pants when she wants her "nummies"!

The Christmas Cookie Monster!

Papa made cookies with Zoe again this year. Well, he made the cookies and she "decorated" them. It was kind of grossly hilarious. She would put the frosting and sprinkles on the cookie, then smear her hand across it and lick her whole hand! Then she would happily start on another one. Each one she would ask, "I eat this one?", and we would say No, and then she would procede to lick all of the frosting and sprinkles off of it. Don't worry though - if we gave you any cookies this year, it was a batch she didn't "help" with!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gramma and Papa are HERE.

At Fia's Bday Party.

Taking Zoe to her first play.

On Fiona's actual birthday.
Many of the last few posts I have blogged about are about big moments in our lives and the special people who were there to celebrate with us. I want to be sure to point out that though they are not in any of those particular pictures, my Mom and John have been to every single important and not so important family event we have ever had. They are extremely busy with the family business, but they are always working the girls into their schedules, day in and day out. Just wanted to be sure that they knew we still appreciate their love for us and our girls and we absolutely don't take that for granted!

The Florida Crew come for Thanksgiving

Dancing with the Macy's Day Parade
Cousins times 2!

Cousins times 4!

The girls:)

Making knudel with Aunt Eva.
So, the "Florida Crew" came up for Thanksgiving this year. We had a blast! We played games, shopped, cooked, ate, laughed, drove golf carts - you name it! I loooooove having so much family around. It reminds me of when I was little and everyone was together at every holiday and the kids were totally oblivious to all the adult drama that later just messed things up. These are the best, most loving group of family one could ask for. They love my girls and show it all the time! We all wish they lived closer!

Afternoon Delights

My peeps who I love more than anything!

The Birthday Girl Birthday Party

Cool as Ice!
More cake please!


Fiona had a nice party this weekend. Unfortunately there was not a big crowd, but the people that mattered were there! When everyone sang to her, she would stare at us like we were crazy, and when we were done she would break out into the biggest, most genuine smile ever!!!!!

Happy First Birthday Fiona Louise!!!!!!!!

Fia's first birthday cupcake. Yum!
It's been a year since our family has been complete and we have all grown so much. Fiona is turning into the sweetest, funniest, most easy going person. She goes with the flow, loves her sister more than anything, and already has a sense of humor. We are so lucky to have her and we love her more and more every day! I wish for my baby girl the happiest life imaginable.


I just flat out love this picture!