Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby's First Fireworks

We took Zoe to see her first fireworks display down at Carolina Beach. She waffled between looks of awe and hiding her head thrughout the show. I think she didn't know what to think!

There is a whole carnival set up down there all summer, so Keith and I took Zoe on a night that they had the fireworks as well to kill two birds with one stone. She had a blast!

We stuffed ourselves with candy, ice cream, cheese sticks and all of the junk you are supposed to eat at these kind of things. She never had so much sugar in her entire life! I justified it to myself by thinking that she needed the buzz to keep her up late enought to see the fireworks at nine:)
We did carnival games, rides, sightseeing, dancing to the band and in the end saw the fireworks on the beach. Such a fun night- This is the kind of thing childhood memories are made of!

More Carnival Pics...

So much yummies!
Zoe got a basket and WON!

Zoe and Daddy on the Ferris Wheel.

Carosel Time!

The girls

Piggie Tail Cuteness!

Couldn't resist!

Gramma and Papa and Zoe go on a Date

Gramma and Papa took Zoe out for pizza the other night. It was so sweet! Zoe loved all the attention and the grandparents got to focus soley on her. It was a win-win situation! I actually consider it win-win-win-win because Keith and I got to stay home with Fiona and got a lot done!

Our new swingset!

I got an AMAZING deal on an almost new swingset last week (like, mind-blowiwng amazing deals!)! I'm not sure who is more excited, me or the girls! It makes outside time a whole new world. It definitely satisfies one of those you-aren't-a-real-family-till-you-have-a-swingset-in-your-yard kind of feelings!

Mommy and Zoe's Playdate

The other day, Zoe and I went on our first official "date" since Fiona was born. It was a long time coming! I never realized how much we needed it until we were there. I mean, every day I carve out special Zoe Time (usually when Fiona is napping) and we play and do whatever child led activity she wants. But I guess I am always distracted - either by laundry or cleaning, or waiting for Fia to wake up or whatever. During this "playdate", as Zoe called it, I realized what TRUE one on one time really is. And it is BEAUTIFUL!! It was just me and her having fun at a sign language concert in the park and we had a blast! I am determined to have these more often with EACH of my girls. We all deserve it!