Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zoe's Favorite Things from our Chicago Trip

I turn around for a second in our hotel room and things like this happen when Zoe is around. She thought it was hilarious!

Her new best friend was the A/C vent in the room. She spent hours banging on it and yelling into it while it blew up her hair. It was a funny sight!

At the park across from the hotel, Zoe found steps she could actually walk up and down herself, so we did this about 8,796 times one morning.

And the best part of Zoe's weekend was being completely man handled by the three other flower girls (age 2, 6, 8). She loved every minute of their obsession with her!

What a weekend it was! From 4 endless flights, getting lost due to the useless GPS, impossible carseat rental instalation, missing meals and eating terrible food, Zoe waking up at 5am every day because of the time change, missing the rehersal, barely making the wedding, and only staying at the reception for 20 minutes because it was way past Zoe's bedtime, you'd never think we would have survived. But it was so wonderful to be even a part of my friend Abby's wedding that that alone made it a wonderful time! Abby completely loves Zoe and so did everyone else and that always makes everything OK!

Earth Day

Zoe celebrated Earth Day this year by eating a bowl of mud and worms. Actually it was pudding/oreo/gummy snack that was provided by my mom's group in honor of the day. It was the first time Zoe had chocolate and even though she only had a few bites, as you can see from the pic she really liked it! (This is why I try to keep things organic and healthy at home, because out in the real world, it's hard to resist such junky deliciousness!) Zoe had fun with the kids and got to "design" her own Earth Day tote, too. I am getting to know the moms better and there are even a few I actaully like - who knows, I might even make my own friend one day:)!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Zoe, Gramma and I stopped by the beach on this beautiful Easter Day. Zoe gets so excited when she sees the beach!!! She looks around in awe and smiles at everyone walking by. She loves the waves and the birds and the sand too! One time she was even flirting with some teenager's boyfriend (uh - oh!).
We figured out a way to teach Zoe how to use a spoon. We have to put ice cream on it and she eats it right up! She is fanatical about it - grabs the spoon out of our hand, sucks off every last drip , and then gives it back to us to load it up again! So funny! She must be related to my side of the family regarding that trait:) !

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby's First Hair Cut

Zoe had her first hair cut today because her bangs are always in her eyes. It was done at a totally over the top little girl spa called Sweet and Sassy ( they even pick up girls after school in a pink limo! what??!!). But they were supposed to be child friendly so it worked for us. Hopefully when Zoe gets older she won't be interested in the limo rides, facials, and pedicures like the 10 year olds that were there! She sat in the chair nice and still and didn't even cry. The whole process took about 4 minutes, and it was worth it! No more hair in her eyes and she looks adorable!

Easter Egg Hunt

Zoe had a blast at her first easter egg hunt with her friend Crosby! She didn't cry when she saw the Easter Bunny, but she backed up as far as she could and stared in fascination. She caught on quickly to picking up the eggs, but felt the need to put them in her mouth before she put them in the basket. It was a fun two hours filled with ball pits, wagon rides, conga lines, and yummy snacks. Now that's a party!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sign Language

I've been teaching non-verbal children sign language for years now and I always thought I would teach my infant sign language from the get go. I never really did until now and she totally gets it! Her first sign is "All done" (which looks like you are wiping crumbs from your hands). She is so cute about doing it when she is done eating and has started using it for other things like when she wants to get out of her chair or is done playing with something. She has also started getting the sign for "Eat" (which looks like you are putting food in your mouth) and even makes an adorable munching sounds to go along with it!

Sheeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaaaack!

She's back and cuter than ever (if I do say so myself)! Sorry to have kept the blog Zoe-free for a whole month, but I have to accept the fact that my camera is gone. Luckily we have a great one still kicking around from my PRE - pretending - to - be -semi-professional -photographer days. So here's that smiling face for you Zoe followers out there!