Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gratuitous Cute Shot

Look at my cutie-patootie-almost-a-one-year-old!

Stairway to wherever

Zoe has realized that she can "walk" up stairs. She loves to hold hands and take the big step up each and every step. Now since she is less than 2 feet tall, you can imagine how high of a leg lift reaching the next step is!

First Word

I think Zoe's first word is "Bah". This means "bottle" (which is kind of ironic since she was mostly breast fed!) She can say "Mama" and "Da" and "Bamba" and a few other sounds, but nothing that always means the same thing. Whenever she wants the bottle or sees the bottle she says "bah". She gets so excited when I know what she is talking about, too! As a side note, Keith said he hopes that Zoe doesn't have a Boston accent because that would totally change the meaning of her first word!

Friday, February 20, 2009

How did my baby get so big????!!!!

Seriously! Look at her! This was my little 5 pound 8 ounce baby in the 3rd percentile of weight when she was born. She's 21 and a half pounds now and in the 70th percentile! All those months on bedrest and worry that she was going to have all of these problems and THANKFULLY she is a happy, healthy little chubster!!!!! I couldn't be happier....!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daddy's Valentine

There are many reasons why I married my husband. But the absolute number one reason was because I knew with every breathe of my soul that he was going to be a great father. Today was one of those moments that he really let his inner Daddy shine. He picked out Valentine treats for Zoe all by himself, and laid it out for her when he got home from work on her high chair so she would get it first thing when she woke up in the morning! (Not to mention that he stayed up all night with her because she was sick and let me sleep!) He did sweet things for me as well for the occasion, but I will always remember this day for how sweet he was to Zoe on her first Valentine's Day. She may not remember exactly what he did, but after a lifetime of such sweet gestures she will always remember that her Daddy is a sweet, sweet man and she will know - without a doubt - that she will always be his favorite Valentine!

(Zoe sleeping with her Valentine Puppy)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Uncle Dave hasn't been around much lately, but Zoe still loves to play with him. He climbs right into the play pen and starts being silly! They have a great bond - and I know she is the only person that gets him to smile like that!

Reading is Fun!

Zoe still loves to read! Yay! She will get a book and back up into my lap so I can read to her. She often chooses books over toys. I was really surprised how young she has gotten into books, but I love it. The books give me something to say when I run out of things to say! And she has started remembering parts of the books and "says" certain phrases that go with certain books. She also has begun pointing at familiar pictures in the books and can sometimes point to them if we ask, too.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Hostess with the Mostest -or- Girl, He's Just Not That Into You

Zoe hosted her first playdate at the house today. This is what I imagine the babies were thinking during the picture taken above.....
Zoe: Oh my gosh! A real live baby! In my house!
Crosby: Oh look, new toys.
Zoe: Oh my gosh - I must get that baby!
Crosby: That girl is coming at me pretty fast..I'm a little nervous here people.
Crosby: I'm just going to walk away and pretend I don't see her.
Zoe:! Got him!
Crosby: Mooooooooommmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was how most of the playdate went intermittent with good conversation between the Mommies. Gotta love toddlers! (Oh and I even baked "healthy" muffins for the kids - watch out Betty Crocker!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleeping like a baby (and a Daddy)

Daddy hasn't really slept in a few days (the usual work and school issues) and Zoe missed her afternoon nap, so the two fell asleep together while she was drinking her bottle tonight. It was so sweet!

La Bamba

Everything Zoe wants these days is referred to as "bamba". So I go around all day with the La Bamba song in my head because of it:)! The other day I was in a store where the baby in front of us called the casheir "volleyball". Her mom said that's what she calls everything! So I guess it could be back to my song: "A La Bamba...a la bamba..."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Papa John came to visit

Zoe loves her some Papa John! He came to visit again, yay! (I swear this man must have stock in USAir!) and Zoe even remembered him this time! He has been using the internet camcorder to "see" her as often as he can and she will wave and reach for him when he comes on the screen! That, along with the book of family pictures we show her, must be how she knew him. She has even started pulling him in for kisses, so he's definitely "in"! John is an amazing grandfather. When he is here he plays with her, kisses her, and even tears up when she does something extra sweet. He calls every day for his Zoe update when he is not here. He is also the number one blog checker and I'm sure to get a call from him if I'm not updating the pictures often enough:).Come back soon Papa!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Today was Gramma's birthday. Zoe helped open presents and even had some cookie cake. I can't believe in less than one month Zoe will have her first birthday. A year ago, it felt like February was the longest month of my life waiting for Zoe to come!

"Why hers like me so much?"

"Why hers like me so much?", "I dont want her to kiss me all the time", and "I'm gonna let hers be my girlfriend when she gets big" are just a few of the comments we hear when Ian comes to visit. Zoe just can NOT get enough of him! She just bursts with happiness when he lets her get near! In this picture she is squeezing him as hard as she can she is so excited! Ian is a great sport and puts up with a lot of lovin' from his little woman!

Baby's First Super Bowl

Zoe hosted her first Super Bowl Party yesterday! She invited one of her older boyfriends, Ian, his parents, Daddy, Papa John, Gramma, and Uncle David. Mommy hung around for the 3-D commercials (which is why everyone is wearing those funny glasses!). Zoe had a great time running around and getting showered with attention. Afterwards she was so tired she crashed in the playpen in our bedroom - facedown! (which she has NEVER done before!)