Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fly me home

This is Zoe sleeping on the plane. I think the trip might have worn her out almost as much as it did us. She got her schedule totally turned upside down - in a new state every day... saw new faces every hour...slept in a differnt place every a new tooth...and still was sunshine and smiles the whole time! What an amazing little girl! This trip really helped us FEEL like a family.With our crazy schedules, and being so far from everyone we love, sometimes it's hard not to feel like we're barely making it. But the three of us together, along with tons of love from the rest of our families, makes it feel so RIGHT! Thank you everyone for making this trip one we will never forget. Thank you Keith for being the best Daddy and Husband we need. And thank you Zoe for continually amazing us with your fantastic spirit!

Last Day of Vacation....

We spent the last day of vacation with Uncle Jamie and Auntie Sue. We hung out, drove on ATVs (not Zoe of course!), and went to Hampton Beach. What a nice relaxing end to a hectic week. It was especially nice for me and Zoe to get to know Jamie and Sue better - living so far away makes it hard to really get to know new family members, so each moment we can spend to gether is really nice.

Drakes Island

Since we were in Maine we had to do the whole tour (we were happy that our friend Darcy joined us!). We went to Kennebunkport (my fave place to shop!) and of course my childhood family destination - Drakes Island. Ever since Zoe was born I've been waiting to dip her toes in the sand of my zen place. I kept a little beach rock as a momento, just like I have every year. One day, years ago, my grandmother told me that I needed to start my own legacy - With Keith and Zoe at my side, I think I am finally ready!

First Comes Marriage

Another important stop on this trip was where we got married - The Grey Gull Inn in Wells, Maine (see the second picture). What a perfect day! It was almost exactly two years ago, and since then we have been ready to grow our family. Now that we have a baby, it was only fitting that we brought her to the place it all became official.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I haven't eaten meat of any kind for 14 years (I was vegan). Then when I was pregnant I assumed the doctors would want me to change all of that. But they didn't. They all said that my diet was as healthy as you could get (minus my chip fetish), and that I didn't need to change a thing for my pregnancy except to up my protein intake. Throughout all of the issues and concerns and bedrest, though, I was getting a little nervous. Since Vegan protein takes a lot of effort to come by (and a million extra calories at that), I decided to start eating seafood for a healthy and easy way to get more protein and omega fatty acids. I'll admit the first meal of fish included tears on my part (eating nothing with a face for over a decade and then eating Nemo really can get to a girl- thanks Mom for trying not to laugh.) But as time went by and my taste buds remembered how yummy scallops and salmon could be, I adjusted. Since I am breatsfeeding, and my nutritional needs are still high, I decided to continue the seafood thing for a while longer. Which brings us to Maine. Growing up and coming to Maine since I was a baby turned me into a lobster fanatic. It also turned me into a lobster snob - I will never eat lobster anywhere except Maine (if you think the lobster at The Red Lobster is real, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya). So as soon as we went over the Maine border we stopped at Bob's Clam Hut (a family destination since forever) and I inhaled two lobster rolls. Then I proceded to get lobster again for dinner. Since dating me , Keith has acquired a taste for lobster as well. Let's just say that he prefered me as a vegan simply for the fact that I was a MUCH cheaper date - His girl who mainly ate salad and baked potato whenever we go out to dinner is no more - honey, maybe you should go for that M.D. degree so you can afford to feed me now!:)

The Clan

On Sunday night of vacation, we had dinner with 20 of our closest family and friends from all over New England! What a great time! Zoe got to meet so many people that really care about her! She was a trooper! All smiles - even with no afternoon nap, she made it halfway through dinner, took a cat nap , and was ready for the rest of the night! It really made us realize what we are missing being so far away. But we plan on making the trip at least once a year from here on out - hey the girl is gonna have to see snow somewhere:)! Thank you to everyone who made it, it was such a special and rare moment for us. We both cherish you all more than you will ever know....


Another stop on the trip was to see Nana and Gramps in Worcester. I love this picture! Gramps got right on the floor with Zoe as often as possible and played with her over and over again - she loved it! Nana cuddled with Zoe and talked to her in a way that kept her mesmerized. I love grandparents! You never really know how someone is going to be as a grandparent until they are one. And Zoe is lucky to have some great ones!

Where it all began...

One special place we wanted to take Zoe on her vacation was Lake Washakem in Sterling, MA. This was where Keith and I met ( I think in '02?). I had just bought myself a kayak (yes, it was inflatable - but that was all I could afford and I was very proud of it!). Keith came up to me and jokingly asked if I would pull him on his water skis behind my kayak. I was amused, slightly offended, and curious about this guy. At the time I had a boyfriend so I planned on setting him up with my friend. Needless to say, neither my boyfriend relationship, nor the set up worked out (thank goodness for Us!) and here we are a few years later halfway across the country, married , with a baby! Who would have guessed???!! Lucky Us!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halfway through vacation...:(

So the award for giving us the most amount of baby products goes to our friend Melissa. She has given us baby swings, clothes, toys, high chairs, boppys, crib bedding, playpens, you name it! She even gave us equipment to use on the trip so we wouldn't have to lug our own - so helpful - those extra airline charges don't just apply to suitcases you know! Melissa is a great Mom herself (of 3) and friend that has stayed up to date on Zoe from the beginning and we really appreciate all of her help. It was nice to visit her on our vacation. This is her littlest (Sophia)who is exactly - to the day- one year older than Zoe. As you can see, all Zoe is interested in is the food on her plate. Which brings us to the next picture of Zoe's first grown up food - watermelon. We couldn't take her staring at us longingly every time we ate something so we finaly gave in (with much begging from Gramma!). Zoe LOVED it. So the gates have been opened and we even bought her first baby food (sweet potatoes) while we were on vacation and will give it to her when we get home... I have a feeling I will never again have a cookie to myself....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ellie's Turn

My Gramma's (my Mom's Mom) best friend is the calmest, most positive person I know. She was a great support while we were preparing for the wedding - keeping me calm amidst the complete chaos! Since my Gramma couldn't be here to meet Zoe (though I'm sure she already did in heaven before she was born), Ellie was the next best thing. Ellie makes me remember what it was like when I was little and constantly surrounded by family and it was easy to feel completely loved, taken care of and safe in this big crazy world. I only hope Zoe can feel that someday. Thank you, Ellie, for being there for my family all these years and continuing to be a part of our lives! We love you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Meeting Nana Kellogg

Zoe finally got to meet her great-grandmother today! I have been waiting for this day since before she was even born. They both so obviously fell in love with each other, it melted my heart. Keith said it was his favorite part of the whole vacation (awww!)! Zoe was all smiles and Nan was all cuddles for her little dear. We had breakfast with Nan and her friends and they all just ooohed and awwed and made Zoe the star of the show! We already can't wait to bring Zoe back to see Nan again..there's nothing like generations of love to make someone feel special!

New Place #1

After making it through the first day of flying, we met my Mom at the airport in Connecticut and drove to the hotel. We were all in bed by 8:30 we were so exhausted from starting at 4:30 that morning. Zoe slept in the playpen for the first time and slept all through the night!

New England Here We Come!

We took our first family vacation this past week to visit family and friends in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. It was a very busy, but very happy time! Zoe was a dream during the plane rides..the layovers..the car rides...the hotel...the new faces...the being in a new house and/or new state every time she woke up from a nap....the new name it! As usual proving herself to be an absolutely amazing little girl! We had such a "wicked awesome" time! - I will give details soon:)