Friday, January 21, 2011

Mama's last baby

Obviously, Keith and I made the choice to have the girls pretty close together. We also chose not to have any more children after this. Initially, this choice seemed like a no-brainer. But now, I will say that the idea of never having another baby again is kind of sad to me. It's exactly like everyone says - it goes by soooo fast! That is why each step of babyhood that Fiona passes through makes me sad. Every time I put away another baby toy in the For Sale bag, or put another box of baby clothes in the attic, it is another pang of the reality that I will have no more babies in the house. It's hard for some people to understand this and I know it is my own thing, but it is very real to me. I just have to remind myself to cherish every cuddle , every babble, every giggle, every sleeping baby and look forward to the next steps of these precious lives I am so in love with...

Snow Day

It rarely snows in Wilmington, so when it does it is lovely!
(As long as you don't need to go anywhere!)
We don't have snow clothes for the girls - because it never snows here, so playing outside is not an option. Instead we filled up a bowl with fresh snow and Zoe played with it in the tub!

When her hands got too cold, we took the leftover snow and added chocolate syrup and cherries!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This year's Christmas card

I tried to be cute again with this year's card and it was pretty low budget, so we did what we could. We took about 200 pics and most of them resembled the second picture here while one, and only one, actually looked cute (see the first pic above). I guess you only need ONE cute picture for a chirstmas card, anyway...

Zoe can use chopsticks!

( We go to this local chinese american chain called Mama Fu's (which Zoe calls Mommy Fu's). The girls love the tofu and edamame there. It's the only place we can go where the kids actually eat a meal's worth of food. The way we got Zoe to eat even more was to let her eat with chopsticks. She would just stab her tofu and eat eat it that way. One day, the waitress used rubberbands and fashioned the chopsticks so Zoe could actually use them for real and she was soooo excited and proud of herself! For Christmas I got her "trainer" chopsticks and she will eat anything I give her as long as she can use them! So cool that my two year old knows what edamame is, likes tofu and uses chopsticks!

Christmas Eve 2011

Santa hooked our girls up! He loves making girly presents!
Putting out the reindeer food so Santa will use the back door.
(Daddy is wearing his new christmas jammies even though he hates them!)

Christmas eve the girls get new jammies and get to open one present.

Fia is just excited to rip the paper!

Happy Birthday Daddy - The Big 4-0!

As already stated in the previous post, Keith's birthday was a little side tracked by Christmas on Ice. He got to stay home with Fiona all day and she thanked him by throwing up all over him at the bookstore. We had to cancel our dinner plans and stay home and order in with a sick baby. Party time. We at least got to have cake and Zoe loved helping him blow out the candles:)
Happy Bday, Daddy - we'll make it up to you, I promise!