Friday, February 26, 2010

Twirly Girl

I think Fiona is going to be a hair twirler like I was as a child (and still am sometimes as an adult). She's been playing with her hair when she nurses and other times throughout the day - it's very cute:)

Fia Louisa

Did I mention how perfect Fiona is? She is such an easy going, happy baby. She barely cries, laughs a lot, goes with the flow, and only poops once a week! Couldn't ask for more! Thank goodness for my little "Fia Louisa" (my nickname for her).

Working Girls

So it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be to work from home with Fiona by my side. We had just finally got to the point with Zoe that I had two good hours during her afternoon nap to work and then after 7 when she went to bed till I went to bed at 10 to get some work done. Now that Fia is here, she sleeps a lot less than I expected during the day and doesn't go to bed for the night until around 11 pm. And most of the time she is awake when Zoe is napping. So I have to work with her awake and being baby like - needing feedings, crying, needing to be changed, entertained or just plain being held. It makes it very hard to get anything done. Mom and John (my bosses) have been pretty understanding up to this point, but since it is crazy tax season time, they really need me to work more. I really don't know what to do, but I am trying. I love being able to stay home with my girls, but I can see how I would get actual work done if I went off to a job like lots of Moms. I get the best and worst of both worlds, I guess - I get to be home all the time and raise my babies, and get to make money at the same time, but I also feel like I am not able to do either job very well, because when I am doing one I am inevitably worried about the other one. And forget about the homemaker aspect of things...I'm sure my poor hubby never thought his house would look like such a war zone when he had a stay at home wife! We'll deal and figure something out, but in the mean time don't expect anything above and beyond from me...I'm barely getting by these days..but at least I have sweet girls to keep me company as I slowly lose my mind!;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Option for Brodogg Followers:)

If you click on the Followers link down and to the left you can get emails alerting you to when I post new pictures. I am going to try to better about it, but it also lets me know that you care! If I know lots of you are looking...I will definitely post more often for you!

Baby's First and Second Snow, Respectively

Last week we had a "blizzard". There were a few inches that actually accumulated and that never happens in these parts! This was Fiona's first snow - we took her out for a second when the snow was falling that night.

The next day was a beautiful winter wonderland and Zoe really got into it! She saw it out the window when she woke up and said, "Whoa Mommy, me touch it, outiside!" We obviously don't have any snow clothes, but the rain boots Gramma just got her worked out perfectly. Afterwords we brought a snow ball in to play with and eat.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fia is a Big Girl

Fiona had a doctor's appointment today and she is in the 90th percentile for height and head circumference (83rd for weight)! Zoe was like the 10th percentile at this age! It's surprising to me, because she doesn't look like a big baby...:) She is perfect, though, and I am totally happy. We had to change doctor offices (by choice), so I hope this new place works out. There are a lot of little things you have to pay attention to regarding a doctor when you have kids that never even crossed my mind before - like office policies, call return times for health questions, are the nurses nice to the kids, are the doctors condescending, etc. etc... It's the most research I've done on anything since figuring out which college to go to!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Papa Babysitter

Papa has been watching Zoe for me quite often lately. I am very thankful and also very impressed! Not many grandfathers would be willing or able to keep up with an almost-a -two-year-old like Papa does! Zoe loves her one on one Papa time, and especially loves that she has him wrapped around her little finger (which allows for most anything she asks for:)! But that is what Grandfathers are for, right?!

Z-O-E spells Zoe

Zoe is learning how to spell her name and can usually recognize it when she sees it. This sweater that cousin Judy made for her is perfect for that! Love it! Fiona is checking it out too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fight for Your Rights

We participated in our first family protest last week. There is a cement company that wants to build a plant in our area that will be emitting mercury and other chemicals into the atmosphere that will GREATLY impact the health of my babies and we don't want them to! So we decided to try and stop them. We have been joining a local grassroots campaign called Stop Titan in the fight. Gotta teach these girls to stand up for themselves!

Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave loves his girls! It's been great having Uncle Dave back. He is very busy with his new job, but makes a special effort to come visit his nieces whenever he can. It means so much for me to see him love my girls so much!

Fun Times

Zoe still loves "Rocky Rocky" and since we can only do it when there are two adults around, it is definitely a special occasion event! Uncle Dave gets sucked in every time he visits and they all have fun!

Happy New Year!

Babies can't stay up till midnight, so we had our New Year's celebration on New Year's morning. I got noise makers and party hats and we celebrated like it was 2010! I think this will be the deal for the at least the next ten years until we can all stay up and party together!

Baby Fingers and Baby Toes

Fiona Louise New Years Eve 2009

Cool Baby

My favorite outfit of Zoe's - I wish I could dress like this!

Sleeping Beauty